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Automatic Fire Detection & Suppression System

"SafeAlert"Proximity Warning System

Rear vision system
Ultrasonic proximity warning system
Hydraulic oil level indicator
Diesel oil level indicator
Auto dipper
Remote control
Canopy walk away alarm
Pre start alarm
Earth leakage relay testing kit
Flasher light
Dragline bucket counting
FLP Float/Foot/Temp Switch
Haulage speed and distance indicator
Automatic contrivances for winding engine
Electronic warning system
Moving message display
Ventilation fan monitoring system
Water Level Indicator
FLP Float/Foot/Temp Switch
We Manufature D.G.M.S. Approved and ISI Marked flame proof Float Switch, Temperature Switch and Foot Switch

These switches are used in SDL, LHD in underground mines. The float switch is very usefull to shutdown the machines, when the hydraulic oil level or any liquid level goes below certain level. Same as, the temperature switch is very useful to shoutdown the machines, when the hydraulic oil's temperature goes above the set limits. We can changes the temperature setting from 0C to 400C. Limit switch is useful to operate machine, Dump valve, Belt Sway Switch, or as a limit switch in machinery. These switches can be made as per the requirement