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Vision Unbreakable Mirror
As dumpers are very big, the dumper operator can not see the rear as well as just front size of the dumper. For better visibility to avoid accidents, D.G.M.S. recommends to install two rear view mirrors (i.e. one left hand side and other right hand side of the operator) and also one blind spot mirror.

Rear View Mirror

Rear view mirrors are useful to see the rear portion of the HEMM i.e. rear tire and back side of the dumper. For better visibility, rear view mirror should be installed on both side of the dumper operator. Left hand side (small 8”X8”) and right hand side (big mirror size 22” X 16” or 18” X 12”)

Blind Spot Mirror

Blind spot mirror is useful to see the front tire, and just front side of the dumpers. The size is 8”X8” in round or square in shape.

Technical Details of the “Vision” Mirror

  1. “Vision” is made of unbreakable material.
  2. “Vision” is made convex shaped, for clear and complete view.
  3. 20% better clarity as compared to glass mirrors.
  4. It provides stable mounting. Adjustments are possible for better vision (left, right, up & down, can be adjusted as per driver’s requirements).
  5. Easy mounting as it is light weight as compared to conventional mirrors.

A) Vision – 4520… Left Hand Side.
B) Vision – 4530… Right Hand Side.
C) Vision – 6040… Right Hand Side.
D) Vision – 2020… Blind Spot Mirror.

* Mounting Brackets for different models are also available.