Govt. of India

Ministry of Labour and Employment

Directorate General of Mines Safety

No. DGMS (Approval)/AVA/ 04                                           Dated 22nd July, 2008


Owners, Agents and Managers of all Coal and Metal Mines


Sub: Audio Visual Alarm For Surface transportation Machineries & other Heavy Earth Moving Machinery.


A  no. of accidents had occurred during reversing of surface transportation machineries like dumpers, truck tippers and other HEMM like payloaders, shovels etc.  attention to mining industries was drown vide circular no 7 of 1997, Circular no 12 of 1999  DGMS[Tech] Circular No 9 of 2003 recommending specifications  of Audio visual alarm but it revealed during inspection that is the most of the machineries  Audio visual Alarm have not been provide and other ever provide  most of them were  non  functioning.


Hence, it has been decided   that to have a better quality products   in mines the Audio-visual-alarm should be of approved type and make.


A Notification No 16(38)79-Genl/1973   :  Dated 22nd July 2008 had been forwarded to publish in the Gazette of India is reproduced bellow for information and taking necessary. Step   to  comply with requirement of the same.


"In exercise of the powers conferred on me under sub-regulation 3 of regulation 181 of coal Mines Regulation, 1957, I, M. M. Sharma, Chief Inspector of Mines also designated as Director General of Mines Safety hereby declared 1st September 2008 as date from which "Audio-Visual-Alarm" for reversing of surface transportation machineries & other Heavy Earth moving machineries will not be used in mines unless the same has been approved by me by a general or specia order in writing.’’


 You are being informed in advanced to  take necessary action to see that it is implemented.






                                                                                      Director General of Mines Safety,