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Rear vision system

Rear Vision System is equipment that has a rare mission aimed at achieving zero accident target for mining vehicles.

Reversing mining vehicles like dumpers and tippers are not free of the possibility of hazardous accidents at the rear end. Several accidents have occurred in opencast mines while reversing equipment.

Till date, only audio-visual alarm and rear view mirrors are available for the vehicles. Although the audio visual alarm gives warning to the work person, the operatot/driver does not have a clear view of the rear side of the vehicle. It is a practice in mines that the operator takes assistance of the spotter while reversing. At times, the spotter may commit a mistake in
haste to cause accident or he himself may be exposed to the danger of being crushed by the vehicles.

Now, D.L.A.Equipments (P) Ltd. introduces REAR VISION SYSTEM that can be installed in vehicles like Dumpers, Tippers and other HEMM.

The System provides:

LCD Monitor:

To provide good quality video picture in nearly pitch dark and poor weather conditions rasmitted by camera on the monitor screen before the operator.

Infrared Day & Night Camera:

To provide clear picture of the object situated at the rear side of vehicle. Infra Red LED: to provide sufficient
illumination on the object to enable Camera to provide sharp & clear picture even in dark.

Power Supply Automatic Switching Unit:

To provide power to the electronic circuit switch-on the screen / Camera, as soon as the reverse gear is applied.

Camera & Infra red LED are fitted on the rear of the vehicled, where as Monitor is installed before Operator in his cabin.

The System is actuated with reverse gear mechanism of the vehicle and functions only while reversing. It does not distract operator or interfere with the operator's safe operation of the vehicle in normal forward running.

All the components of system are installed properly in water poof, shock proof & vibration resistant case suitable for high pressuren washing. They are mounted with the suitable arrangement to adjust for according to vehicles heights so as to have clear view of rear which helps operator to avoid any accident.

The system operator on 24/12 V DC supply available within the vehicle itself. The components are connected with suitable high quality cable having detachable waterproof joints.