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Dragline Bucket Counting

Automation Controls is the leading manufacturing organization for safety electronic equipments in central India. We have developed the production monitoring system for the dragline which is called as “Dragline Bucket Counting System”. This system monitors the daily production of Dragline which have suitable data recording device to generate specified reports. Production of dragline is directly proportional to the number of buckets handled, so the daily production is tracked and monitoring by the system.

The System Will Display and Record The following

  • Number of buckets handled per shift/day.
  • Time taken by the dragline to complete one bucket cycle.
  • Maximum swing angle of each bucket.
  • Idle time, total working hours etc.
  • Indication of bucket full or empty.

The system requires minimum space so that no major modification in the existing structure has to be done. The system is being capable of being installed in any size/make/model of dragline, with some modifications. The system is so designed, that in the event of any fault in the monitoring system, the operation of the dragline will not be affected.

Bucket will not be counted when

  1. Bucket is half or less filled.
  2. When load is less.
  3. The total cycle is not completed. Completed cycle means, first dragline, then Hoisting with load, Swinging the reverse swinging with no hoist load.

Working Of The Dragline Production Monitoring System

In the Dragline, suitable sensors (no contact type) are installed to monitor the movement of Drag and Hoist Loads. This sensed data is processed at the CPU of the system. After performing calculations, suitable display and recording of data is done with respect to real time. The system consists of suitable data recording device to generate the specified reports. All data remains stored even if the power goes off.