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Testing Kit for Sensitive Earth Leakage Relay (TKR-01)
Protective devices such as Sensitive Earth Leakage Relays, CBCT, CT, Overload Coils and Circuit Breakers are required to be checked regularly to ensure that they are ready to function correctly. These need to protect the equipment to which they are coupled. Current injection testing not only detects fault quickly but also correctly adjust protection relay and thereby prevent serious damage to machinery and injury to personnel.

It is also necessary to measure its operating time. TKR-01 Testers come with a digital
time interval meter. Testing kit for Relay and secondary current Injectors is a portable, self contained unit. It is suitable for field testing of Sensitive earth leakage relays, circuit breakers, overload coils, metering and similar protective devices. In this unit all these testing meters are incorporated in a single, compact, rugged enclosure.
  • Control Panel with clear and easy to read legend.
  • Digital Meters.
  • Continuously adjustable isolated output.
  • Built-in digital time interval meter.
  • Auto Cut-off.
  • Fully tropicalised, portable, yet rugged.
Technical Specificatons
Input 110V, 240V, 550V (±10%) AC, 50 Hz.
Digital Timer 4 digit, 25mm LED, solid state, crystal base, time interval measuring system, 5 ranges from 0.0001 to 9999 seconds.
Accuracy ±1% + 1 count whichever is more.
Timer Control Circuits Timer automatically starts when output is initiated and automatically stops when the device under test operates. 
Test Conditions Normally open contacts (potential free) one.
Normally closed contacts (potential free) one.
Auto cut-off Cuts off output on operation of device under test.
Operation A SET/TEST switch is provided so that the appropriate test current can be set up before the test is actually carried out and to avoid damage to relay coils by disconnecting the test current after the relay has operated.