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Automatic Fire Detection & Suppression System

Automatic Fire Detection and Suppression System (AFDSS) for Heavy Earth Moving Machinery (HEMM) and Surface Transportation Machine is Manufactured by – Automation Controls - Nagpur, an ISO 9001-2008 company. AFDSS is designed and developed as per Director General of Mines Safety (DGMS) requirements. It is fully developed and manufacture in India. It supports the Make In India concept of our Prime Minister.“FREEZE FIRE – H” : It (AFDSS) is specially designed for HEMM like Dumpers (35T, 50T, 85T and 120T etc.), Tippers, Dozers, Shovels, Excavators, Dragline etc.  FREEZE FIRE –H : As per DGMS technical circular number 1 / 697 of 2008, our AFDSS FREEZE FIRE - H was approved by DGMS Dhanbad.

As the policy of DGMS change and new technical circular number 02 of 2013, was issued. According to this circular DGMS withdrawn the approval and some test conditions are specified in it. Our AFDSS FREEZE FIRE - H fulfills all the conditions specified in the DGMS technical circular number 02 of 2013. The system is designed to use in mining condition like heavy dusty, moisture, vibration, variable temperature conditions etc.  AFDSS is tailor made, can be designed as per the costumer’s requirement, to protect both man and machine. This is cost effective solution for automatic fire detection and suppression needs also meet the DGMS requirements. It is developed to handle all class of fire:


 Class A (wood, paper, and rags etc.), Class B (flammable liquids and gases) and Class C (energized electrical equipment) fire. A reliable and effective after sales service is assured all through their life.

We serve to save:

AFDSS is designed in such a manner, so that it covers all the fire sensitive areas. The capacity can be increased as per need and size of the equipment. Smallest system contains one cylinder of 10 Kg. of Dry Chemical Powder (DCP) with a suitable expellant cartridge, along with four numbers of nozzles. The system can be enlarged by providing more number of cylinders having same or high capacity (10 Kg, 15 Kg, 25 Kg) similarly numbers of nozzles can be increased to 4, 6, 8… or more to cover larger area. By combination of cylinders we can make AFDSS of 10 Kg, 15 Kg, 20 Kgs, 30 Kg, 45 Kg etc.

FREEZE FIRE – H, System works automatically as well as manually.

FREEZE FIRE–H, Automatic Fire Detection and Suppression System consist of:

1) Control Panel: It is fail safe system, designed for mining harsh condition. a) It operates on 24 V DC (12 V DC / 230 V AC Optional). b) It is constantly monitors the system functioning and gives visual as well as audio indication of:

  • Power supply.
  • Occurrence of Fire.
  • Condition of sensor Cable (Healthy or Defective) (if sensor cable gets disconnected or open circuit) gives immediate indication on control panel.
  • Automatic actuator connection with the control panel. (If actuator gets disconnected or open circuit) gives immediate indication on control panel.
  • Condition of power supply including battery voltage.
  • Push button switch to activate the system manually if required.

2) Fire Detection Network: Fire or high temperature is detected by Linear Heat Sensing (LHS) Cable. When the sensor cable comes in contact with fire or temperature around sensor cable is 180OC, it gives signal to control panel.

3) Main Cylinder–Consists of :  a) Stores fire-extinguishing agent that is Dry Chemical Powder (DCP).  b) Expellant Gas cartage, size is as required by the main cylinder. c) Rapture Disc Housing: In the event of fire, high pressure of expellant gas brake rapture disc and allow the fire extinguisher material (DCP powder) to flow through the distribution system. d) Pressure relief valve, for extra safety. e) Outlet for Discharge of DCP Powder. f) Suitable (State of art) mechanism which operates automatic or manually to discharge fire-extinguishing agent.

4) Dry Chemical Powder (DCP): The DCP is tested and as required by DGMS in circular no 02 of 2013. It is tested and certified for non-toxic and in no manner harmful to human being during handling and use. It is environmental friendly.

5) Expellant gas cartridge: The pressured gas cartridges are ISI marked and approved by the competent authority is used to store the expellant gas. This cartridge is factory filled with expellant gas CO2 or N2. As required by DGMS.

6) Automatic / Manual Actuation device: Automatic actuation works on electro-mechanical principal. When control panel gives power supply to this device, it opens and allows expellant gas to enter into main cylinder. It can be operated manually by pressing the nob on the actuation device, which does the same function.

7) Discharge system for DCP powder: to carry fire extinguishing agent (DCP) to the hazard areas through wire braided high pressure hoses. These Hoses are fire retardant type as required by DGMS in circular no 02 of 2013.

8) Fixed preset aragonite discharge nozzle system: to sprinkle fire-extinguishing material on the hazard fire area. It is predesign to spray the DCP powder on entire fire hazard area. Each nozzle is also provided with dust cap for safety of nozzle form dust and mud. It is design such that dust cap gets open when pressurised from inside.

Think of fire before it starts FREEZE FIRE –H, works on the same principle:

How “FREEZE FIRE –H” works:

Automatic Operation, Option A: At the time of fire, the temperature rises; the LHS cable detects the fire and gives signal to the control panel. The control panel starts alarm to alert driver, and the personnel of the surrounding area. It also gives visual signal on control panel. After few second it energies the electromechanical actuator which puncture rapture disc located in expellant cartridge valve. From expellant cartridge pressurized gas, enters into main cylinder which is filled with fire extinguisher agent. Expellant gas fluidizes fire extinguishing agent and it flows through distribution system to fixed nozzles and on fire area and fire gets suppressed.

Manually, Option B: In the event of fire, Vehicle Driver can also activate system manually. (1) By operating directly electromechanical actuator through separate switch provided in control panel or (2) By knob provided a) At the electromechanical actuator b) on pilot cartridge assembly located on the ground floor near stairs. After activate system manually it will work same as the Automatic Operation, Option A Once the system is activated and put into use, the Cylinder and Cartridge are required to be refilled to the maximum capacity and optimum pressure. The cleaning of hose and nozzles are must when system is operated. This is more essential to provide guaranteed and dependable service in future. Never trust fire

Appraisal: The above system is designed and manufactured at our own in house manufacturing facilities. We have full range of equipment’s, instruments, gauges and testing equipment’s to ensure reliability and consistency of quality parameters.

(The technical specifications can be changed for the improvement of the system)