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Automatic Fire Detection & Suppression System

"SafeAlert"Proximity Warning System

Rear vision system
Ultrasonic proximity warning system
Hydraulic oil level indicator
Diesel oil level indicator
Auto dipper
Remote control
Canopy walk away alarm
Pre start alarm
Earth leakage relay testing kit
Flasher light
Dragline bucket counting
FLP Float/Foot/Temp Switch
Haulage speed and distance indicator
Automatic contrivances for winding engine
Electronic warning system
Moving message display
Ventilation fan monitoring system
Water Level Indicator
Flasher Light
ENERGY CONSERVATION HAS BECOME A CRUCIAL ISSUE OF EVERY MINE BUDGET PLANNING. In order to reduce electricity consumption, LED based Flasher/traffic signals provide a perfect solution to meet this purpose because of  high visibility and low operating current consumption, comparing with conventional flasher/ traffic signal which have been broadly in stalled in recent years, with its unique design and outstanding performance. Our LED traffic signals contribute in energy saving. LED Flasher/traffic signal products in various sizes such as 6” round, 8” round
with red, Yellow (Amber), and Green are available. Pedestrian signs are also available. We are manufacturers of LED Flasher lights, LED Signals, LED Displays, LED Signs. Our LED illuminated flasher light/LED Signals provide a durable and economical solution to all Amber/Red indicator signage.

Mine Road signals,
Traffic Signals,
Parking & many more places.

Our ME-200 light cluster replaces any medium base incandescent light bulb. These LED cluster are extremely bright, close to 10 candelas. The LEDs are low voltage units making it very cost effective by reducing power consumption. LEDs also provide exceptional life with n estimated 100,000 hours of continuous use.
Our Features
  • 90% reduction in power consumption comparing with conventional signals.
  • Up to 100 times longer life than conventional traffic signals.
  • Maintenance Free.
  • Dust-Proof, water-proof and Moisture-proof design.
  • Estimated life of LED is 100,000 hours.
  • Operating Voltage 230 Volts AC, (24 Volts DC or 12 Volts DC).
  • Full fledged after sales service centre t Nagpur with trained technical staff.