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Moving Message Display
What is Moving Message Display?

It is microprocessor based Moving Message Display, made up of light emitting diode (LEDs) arranged in an array. The Moving Message or data can be fed & set with the help of  keypad on chorded remote provided with this unit.  It can be of any colour i.e. red, green, yellow, orange etc. It can be made multicolour also. This moving message display has 16 different effects and every effect has 14 pages. Out of 16 effects, 2 effects has storing capacity of 4000 alphabets and remaining .
effects are up to the screen only. There are 3 fonts of letters. It can also be used for artwork in graphic mode. It comes in any proportionate size ranging from 2” X 2” to 20” X 20’ or as per customer’s need

Where is Moving Message Display Used?

It is used variously for commercial advertisement purposes to create advertisements for the products in dazzling animation. It displays advertising text for promoting products, Company’s schemes, concepts, messages unlike any conventional hoarding or neon sign board where only one picture or message is depicted on one screen and is costly, having high recurring expenses. This moving message display can show Company’s name, logo, product, address, phone no., promotional schemes, discounts etc., on the same display one after the other on the full screen in very eye catching manner. It gives visual impact and constant hammering. As and when required the matter can also be altered or changed with the help of keypad within no time. Similarly, it can be used in Industries, Hotels to welcome, Convey messages, Festive wishes, promotion awards, achievements, fault diagnosis, process and inventory information. Also at the reception of Banks, Hospitals, Railway Stations, shops, schools, colleges, Traffic Places, showrooms, practically everywhere and anywhere. As it’s recurring cost is very low, it can also take place of notice boards in organizations and corporate houses.

What are the Different Effects?

16 Effects of display like right slide, Right slide flash still, Flash one screen, Down/Up Scroll, Up/Down Scroll, Side curtain, Up/Down curtain, Middle open and close curtain, One character curtain (Both lengthwise and Widthwise), Dropping Effect, one character slide-cum-roll.

What is Our speciality?
  • No Match, quality-wise or price-wise.
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  • Negligible Operating Cost.
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  • Can be used outdoor.
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