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Pre Start Alarm
Pre-start alarm (Pre Alert) is must at the time of starting the conveyor belt for safety purpose. Pre Alert gives clear and distinct sound indication to alert the worker who is working near the conveyor belts. For safety as per D.G.M.S. alarm should work for at least 30 seconds before the conveyor belt starts, time can be increased depending upon the situation so that the workers can move to a safe place. The pre-start alarm is must in every conveyor belt. Pre alert alarm have flashing red LEDs for visual indication as well as for audio which gives human voice that is understood by the workers.
Working Of The Pre Alert (Pre-Start Alarm)
To start the conveyor belt, first switch ‘ON’ the Pre Alert. This Pre Alert will give the human sound to alert the surrounding people for 30 seconds. After 30 sec., this Pre Alert will start the conveyor belt. In order to withstand hazardous mining working conditions, complete circuit is embedded in water-proof solution which makes it water and dust-proof so that no foreign matter can damage it. As far as visualization goes, we have used focus type red Light Emitting Diode (LED). This results in maximum intensity of red light. For audio, the speakers of high quality are used which gives sound waves of 130dB which can be heard clearly by anybody standing within the vicinity of maximum 200 meters (500 meters). The speakers are specially designed to suit dusty atmosphere and are water-proof so that they can give good services in mining conditions.
Technical Specificatons:
Audio Speakers of 130dB gain with output of 150 watts, horn  type, water-proof and dust-proof.
Sound The alerting Human Voice (In their own language) which is understood by workers.
Visual Solid State using ICs, Diodes, Transistors, resistors. Dust and water-proofing is done by special chemical coating.
Power Supply Ideally 230 V A.C., 110 V A.C. or 550 V A.C.