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Automatic Fire Detection & Suppression System

"SafeAlert"Proximity Warning System

Rear vision system
Ultrasonic proximity warning system
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Auto dipper
Remote control
Canopy walk away alarm
Pre start alarm
Earth leakage relay testing kit
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Haulage speed and distance indicator
Automatic contrivances for winding engine
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Moving message display
Ventilation fan monitoring system
Water Level Indicator
Remote Control
We are dealing in Remote Control (Wireless Switch System) that works from long distance of about 300 mtrs*. It is a Wireless Switching Device to trip the machine immediately from field switch. It consists of two units 1) Push Button transmitter and 2) Receiver (SDPT Class C Relay). As we connect it with suitable power supply and antennas; it is ready to perform guaranteedly.

Why it is required
Many times, due to electrical fault or short-circuit in the equipment; it is necessary to shut downthe power
supply of machine/equipment immediately. however, field switches are located at far distance, and for safety field switches are kept in lock and keys. Hence in case of emergency, immediate tripping of field switch is not possible. That may damage/ cause big losses to the equipment & also reduces productivity. To avoid all this, D.G.M.S. has suggested to install a system that will trip the field switch and disconnect power supply of machine/equipment within moments. For this the best solution is, to install Remote Operated Wireless Switch System which will trip the field switch and disconnect power-supply of the equipment. Otherwise entire power cable is to be replaced with a new one having extra control cable for tripping the field switch from the machine, which is much expensive.

  • Dragline
  • Conveyor Control
  • Electrical Shovel
  • Blowing Singnals
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*The Range of all radio Products depend on local conditions and antenna location/ selection.