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Water Level Indicator
What is ALLC?
(Automatic Liquid level Controller)

It is microprocessor based fully automatic electronic unit to control and operate the pump. It senses both the tanks. i.e. sump as well as over head tank without involvement or supervision of human beings.

What is necessary to install ALLC?

  • It avoids all manual operation and supervision.
  • Saves precious water (wastage due to overflow).
  • Prolonged pump life and trouble free operations (avoid dry run).
  • Saves costly electricity due to overflow.
  • It avoids hassles due to interrupted supply
    (dry tank) and saves manpower.

How does ALLC works?
  • When level of liquid in the upper tank reaches below the lower level it will start the pump automatically and as soon as the over head tank is filled. It will stop the pump automatically.
  • It will stop the pump automatically in case of liquid. level in the sump touches the lower level (before foot value), it will restart as soon as the level of liquid rises in the sump to the prescribed level.
  • In case of dry run, pump will stop automatically within 45r seconds and gives a siron.
  • In case of faulty power, it will stop the pump.
What is our speciality of ALLC?
  • Hi-tech non contact type sensors to avoid regular maintenance (No current is flowing through liquid).
  • Avoid dry run of the pump.
  • Indicate complete view of the system.
  • Auto/Manual switch is provided to avoid inconvenience.
  • Sturdy ABS plastic body shock proof, water proof and good looking can be fitted in interior.
  • Can be used in drinking water as it is excellent after sales services.
  • Tea of engineers will provide prompt and eacellent after sales services.
  • Unconditional warranty of 12 months.
We Can design & offer taylormade controller system to handle any kind of liquid and syatems.